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Welcome everyone, to the first ever 6 sided caged wrestling style arena. We include the most brutal and the most Unpredictable match ups of the century! and with the cage set-up we can include new moves to the match. Partnered with GM of FWE- Cristiano
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 Sadly,The last of Red Faction

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Sadly,The last of Red Faction Empty
PostSubject: Sadly,The last of Red Faction   Sadly,The last of Red Faction EmptyThu Feb 07, 2013 4:22 pm

This may likely happen in PPV,tell me if i should put it in the show.. All the red faction including me and Storm is going to leave the fed soon.. I've got my reason.. You guys will know,but not now.. I'm suppose to reveal this,but for now, i guess Mal's the only person who know why.. anyway here's hows this going to end,as Season 1 going to end, Red Faction is going to end together with it.. In PPV, Me and Silver Storm is the only two member that are left in the fed,So, here's what I think should happen, Silver is having his Title Match,So, I decide to sabotage his match.. Cause I'm not happy with his leadership for the faction,It's like Silva's blaming the fallen of Red Faction is caused by Storm's weak leadership and stuff.. So, In the start of the show, The CEO make Storm's match a title/contract match.. The loser of the match will lose the title.. so I decide to sabotage on his match.. I come out to the ring and hit his opponent with the title belt.. And so, he got mad at me,he decide to run after me,but i manage to get away from him.. thats how he got sack from the fed,then me,After my tag match,Storm come from the crowd with and steel chair and beat me and Mal up.. he only beat Mal with one shot because his main purpose is to destroy me,after knocking out Mal with the chair shot.. he come after me, he hit me with numbers of chair shot caused me to face severe injuries that needed the ambulance to come in.. Which caused me my contract.. So,thats the end of Red Faction,only a season long.. but caused so much trouble..

And here's the RP for it(before Silva's tag match):

Roberto Silva and Creptix Xylotpz of the Roberto Silva & Creptix Xylotpz walks in the ring between thunderous applauses! Silva make his way to the corner of the ring and take a mic from the announcers. He took the mic and pace around the ring.

Roberto Silva: Okay I know everyone must be wondering why I did all this First being so rude to everyone,work with The Red Factions and end up sabotaging the leader of The Red Faction. I know what you guys are wondering,but no.. I'm in not because I just trying to destroy them,but it's the otherwise instead. I really have my heart on that faction. But that guy,who lost his job and title, took that away from me, because of his weak leadership, he destroyed the team,causing both Trey Classic and James Young to lose their jobs. So,now's your turn. Thats some Karma for you,HAH! Now, I found the right man to lead a faction, and it's this man right here. Creptix. Yes, He might have lost a lot of match, But thats what you guys don't now. There's still something he's missing and that's a partner. So, Now I'm here to help him grab his form and rise together to the top.

The crowd roars as Silva pass the mic to the announcer and pace around the arena as he wait for his opponent
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Sadly,The last of Red Faction
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