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Welcome everyone, to the first ever 6 sided caged wrestling style arena. We include the most brutal and the most Unpredictable match ups of the century! and with the cage set-up we can include new moves to the match. Partnered with GM of FWE- Cristiano
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 Justin Time for change!

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Justin Time

Justin Time

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Justin Time for change! Empty
PostSubject: Justin Time for change!   Justin Time for change! EmptyThu Feb 07, 2013 3:30 pm

Name: Justin Time

Height: 5' 10"

weight: 201 lbs

Class: Balanced

Picture: Justin Time for change! Justi_13

Out of time- a modified brain-buster executed with force.

modified samoan drop
modified uraken

Justin was born and raised in the west of Ireland. From an early age he knew he wanted to be a wrestler, but circumstances were against him, as the nearest wrestling school was over 4 hours away. At the age of 16, despite doing relatively well in school, Justin dropped out of school to follow his dreams, so he moved to Dublin to begin his training. in less than a year, he got his first indy booking in america. After spending a stint on the indys for just over 18 months he has now hit the big time- he joined the UWE as it newest grappler.
While not alot is known about his wrestling style, as he is still developing it himself, the future does look bright for this young man.
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Justin Time for change!
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