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Welcome everyone, to the first ever 6 sided caged wrestling style arena. We include the most brutal and the most Unpredictable match ups of the century! and with the cage set-up we can include new moves to the match. Partnered with GM of FWE- Cristiano
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 Introduction rp

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King Andy

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PostSubject: Introduction rp   Introduction rp EmptySun Jan 13, 2013 7:30 pm

Commentators:Well King Andy is making his first appearance in U.W.E the first 8 sided caged stlyed arena ladies and gentlemen tonight we have a new comer and much more *camera zooms in to the entrance zone*
*suddenly fire-works blow king andy's runs out as him theme song plays as he pumps his fist with a mic running to the ring*
Commentators:There he is ladies and gentlemen King Andy.
*music goes off*
King Andy: U.W.E UNIVERSE!!! I am here tonight to say a few things i am the best thing that is going to happen to this federation because i am unstoppable and talented and thats a deadly combo,people so watch out beware of the King!
*Drops the mic and leaves the ring as his entrance song plays*
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Silver Storm

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PostSubject: Re: Introduction rp   Introduction rp EmptyMon Jan 14, 2013 1:15 am

This goes in the roleplay section. And add colour and spaces in between (tap enter twice)
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Introduction rp
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