Welcome everyone, to the first ever 6 sided caged wrestling style arena. We include the most brutal and the most Unpredictable match ups of the century! and with the cage set-up we can include new moves to the match. Partnered with GM of FWE- Cristiano
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 Trashman Dan's gimmick

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Trashman Dan

Trashman Dan

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Trashman Dan's gimmick Empty
PostSubject: Trashman Dan's gimmick   Trashman Dan's gimmick EmptySat Dec 22, 2012 9:30 am

Name: Trashman Dan

Nickname(s): The Trashman

Height: 6ft 6in.

Weight: 307 lbs.

Class: Resistance

Alignment (Face/heel/Tweener): Tweener

Picture (optional):

Finisher(s): Trashman Dan lifts the opponent without effort and body slams him onto the mat, executing Trashman Slam
(When as insane hero) Headbutt (since he wears metal mask this would hurt like heck)

Trademark(s): Scoop Slam, Knee Lift, Angry Stomp

Taunt(s): He says his catchphrase "When you are in the ring with 'The Trashman', you are never a winner." to the opponent, then spits in the opponent's face.

Bio: Trashman Dan was just a normal guy working in the garbage buisiness. One day while he was doing his work, a local backyard wrestling show was going on. He decided he would watch a few fights before going back to work. While watching, one of the wrestlers was challenging fans. He seen Dan and thought he would be an easy beatdown. He told Dan to get in the ring, Dan did so and the bell rang. The Wrestler ran towards Dan, and Dan's first instinct was to catch him. Dan Caught the Wrestler and bodyslammed him into the mat full force. The referee counted a three count and Dan was the winner of a 9 second match. The Wrestler was lying down on the mat wondering "What just happened?". Dan seen a chance to be what he always dreamed of becoming, a wrestler.

Theme Song: "Superbeast" by Rob Zombie
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Trashman Dan's gimmick
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