Welcome everyone, to the first ever 6 sided caged wrestling style arena. We include the most brutal and the most Unpredictable match ups of the century! and with the cage set-up we can include new moves to the match. Partnered with GM of FWE- Cristiano
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 The Fenix Is Back

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Kyle Broflovski

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*Camera Shows The Two Announcers Talking Over what happens Before the Commercial Break Between The Red Faction attacking Kenny McCormick and Grenade*

Lucas:That Was Really Bad For Them after winning their match.

Angelina:It Sure was what did they do wrong?

Lucas:Well Kenny interfered in one match of Storms so yeah that`s why

Angelina:Well I Guess that is true But They Can`t do anything now.

Lucas:Yeah I Guess so Angelina but it sure would be good to see they get hurt.

Suddenly a New song Plays

Lucas:What The Hell

*The Song gets Louder Breakdown By Breaking Benjamin Blares throughout the entire Arena where everyone is confused that no one shows up Until it is played again and finally Someone comes out by a count down*

*Titatron shows the number 5*






*Breakdown Plays for the final time and A person in A Green Jacket with a black Shirt Saying Time For a Major Breakdown*

*He Stops At The Stage Putting his Head Down and Finally Raises It Saying Major Breakdown*

*He Heads to the Ring and up to the apron and looks to his left and right and heads between the ropes and goes on the top turnbuckle pointing to all of them and says were on a major breakdown and drops back down to the mat and asks for a mic*

Hunter:Hello After Being On a Huge Holiday I Am Back!!

*Crowd Cheers Loudly*

Hunter:Now that I am Back, Its Time For A Major Breakdown!!!

Lucas:Wow Hunter Is On Fire.

Angelina:He Sure is After leaving for a short time.

Hunter:Now On to the big Business I know about red Faction James young Silver storm and Roberto Silva You ever attack me I Will Personally Put an end to you all neither of you will live so if you dare come near me i will Destroy you do not get in my way Ever!!

Hunter:Now Onto My Wrestling Career I am Going to Fight at the Pay per view and Next season I Will fight on as the one i was suppose to be Kyle Broflovski is now gone I have replaced him since changing my name so now we begin the era of Fenix.

Hunter:By God No Loser will Try To ruin it for me and you better be watching Grenade and Kenny Cause you Two are the first in my Path.

Hunter:So get Ready Its Time For your Major Breakdown..

*Hunter drops the mic and Goes up the turnbuckle pointing at the Crowd Saying This Is it Major Breakdown time I am back*

*Hunter Leaves the ring as the show continues on*

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The Fenix Is Back
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