Welcome everyone, to the first ever 6 sided caged wrestling style arena. We include the most brutal and the most Unpredictable match ups of the century! and with the cage set-up we can include new moves to the match. Partnered with GM of FWE- Cristiano
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 Beaten, Not Broken. (WEEK 3)

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Christiano Renegade
Christiano Renegade

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Beaten, Not Broken. (WEEK 3) Empty
PostSubject: Beaten, Not Broken. (WEEK 3)   Beaten, Not Broken. (WEEK 3) EmptyTue Jan 22, 2013 10:41 am


'Until The End' by Breaking Benjamin blasts through the speakers, as the fans stand on their feet applauding in a sign of respect and acknowledgement. Long, curious seconds pass as the music continues to boom and echo throughout the arena.

Angelina Jones: "Renegade's music is playing... But where is he?"

Lucas Jones: "If he's got any sense left in him, he'll stay back at his apartment or something and rest. I don't think Security is going to hold 'The Classic One' a part from him."

Angelina Jones: *Sigh* "You did not just say that..."

Moments pass as finally, Christiano Renegade emerges from behind the curtains and onto the stage. He limps favouring his right leg, aching and holding on to his head.

Angelina Jones: "What an ovation. This capacity crowd, on their feet in a collective appreciation. He left it all in that ring for the championship, I'd tip my hat if I had one."

Lucas Jones: "Well... You don't. He shouldn't deserve it anyway. Sure, it was somewhat of a hellacious match. But I've seen much worse in my time, he's just trying to seek attention now."

Christiano slowly limps up the steel steps, as he shakes of a dizzy-stroke on his head. A ring-side assistant hands him a microphone, with gratitude he accepts and takes it, before stepping into the ropes; limping his way to the middle of the ring.

Lucas Jones: "Well... To his credit, Christiano stands in that ring. Can't say I'm impressed though, this is an incredulous display of self-neglection."

'Until The End' slowly fades out, as Renegade looks around, smiling occasionally and wincing every so often at his injuries.

Christiano Renegade: "Look at me, huh?"

He stances and gestures outwards, slowly spinning around; A bit of limp in his movements.

Christiano Renegade: "Completely battered, bruised... I'm limping. I had medics in my face all damn night..."

Renegade pauses mid-way, looks down and glances back up with a half smirk.

Christiano Renegade: "But I'm here. You can't subside.. the Prince of Virtue. And in this very ring, the 'Classic One' had intent to do so. Intent to hurt, to destroy, eviscerate... I could go on, but Trey... Haha. Trey, believe me when I tell you. I'm not as hurt as you think I am."

The crowd roar in an exciting wave of enthusiasm, Renegade chuckles in the response.

Christiano Renegade: "Congratulations on your victory though. You pinned me 1-2-3. Shoulders down, center of the ring. But that's not what I'm here to address. After all, being a business man yourself, You'd probably like me to cut to the chase. This isn't so much about me losing, I'm not a sore loser. I know when I'm beat. However, I AM a respectful person. AND, I will advocate respect in this federation. Especially to people like you. You've had everything glad-handedly given to you, and rather than helping others or being sympathetic about it. You abuse your luck, and SPIT in the face of every single one of these hard-working attendants."

Renegade extends his hands as he paces around the ring pointing to the three sides of the audience. Each cheering as he acknowledges their side.

Christiano Renegade: "I will not stand for your lack of disrespect and inhumane tactics, in-particular... the way you treat superiors in this federation is a disgrace. No wonder you're beginning to get drawn to bad luck. Hah, Don't get me wrong. I mean... sure you won the UWE Phoenix Championship.. And I. Will always give the devil credit where credit is due."

Lucas Jones: "Oh, would you get a load of this... This is pathetic he's clearl-"

Angelina Jones: "Pipe down Luke! Sheesh."

Christiano Renegade: "However. Being a champion... you've painted yourself a target on your forehead. And with permission of Jeremy Fisher, I shall become one of the 'elites' that you will have the discomfort of watching in the Number one contendership match later tonight."

Lucas Jones: "WHAT! He had his chance! What the Hell does he think he's doing! He's practically asserting himself! He's practically fatigued beyond repair! He can't compete tonight!"

Christiano Renegade: "What you need to realise is this Mr. Classic. I may very well be beaten. But I'm not broken."

'Until The End' Blasts over his final words to cheers and roars of excitement as he limps back up the ramp, raises his right arm up towards the fans; Then walks off as the camera focus changes.
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Beaten, Not Broken. (WEEK 3)
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