Welcome everyone, to the first ever 6 sided caged wrestling style arena. We include the most brutal and the most Unpredictable match ups of the century! and with the cage set-up we can include new moves to the match. Partnered with GM of FWE- Cristiano
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 Intoxicated Brawling

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Trashman Dan

Trashman Dan

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PostSubject: Intoxicated Brawling   Intoxicated Brawling EmptySun Jan 20, 2013 11:24 pm

Trashman Dan is sitting at the bar of the Casino, minding his own business while the slot machines go off and people freak out about losing $5,000 in a single hand of poker.

Bartender: What would you like sir?

Trashman Dan: I would like a beer, another beer, another beer, another beer, and another beer.

Bartender: I would guess that is seven?

Trashman Dan: Do I need to repeat myself?

Bartender: Well, I do not think that you should be intoxicated for your fight tonight, Mr. Trashman.

Trashman Dan: I fight better when I have a buzz.

The Bartender sighs, then hands Dan five bottles of beer. Dan manages to chug them all in about a minute.

Trashman Dan: Now to get ready for my match.

Dan stumbles the casino.
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Intoxicated Brawling
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