Welcome everyone, to the first ever 6 sided caged wrestling style arena. We include the most brutal and the most Unpredictable match ups of the century! and with the cage set-up we can include new moves to the match. Partnered with GM of FWE- Cristiano
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 TD's ultimate training

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Trashman Dan

Trashman Dan

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PostSubject: TD's ultimate training   Fri Jan 18, 2013 1:58 am

Trashman Dan is seen in a boxing ring with his trainer, he is throwing hooks at his trainer, and his trainer blocking and dodging all of them with ease.

Trainer: Are you gonna let them throw you around like this!?

The trainer lifts Dan into a military press with no problems, then throws him out of the ring. After about 10 seconds, Dan gets back in the ring.

Trashman Dan: NO SIR!

Dan then throws a quick uppercut, so quick that the trainer didn't notice it, the trainer gets hit and falls to the ground, he is knocked out.

Trashman Dan: I Guess that 25 year boxing career wasn't good enough.

Dan exits the ring, turns around and whispers,

Trashman Dan: You can't take a good hit.
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TD's ultimate training
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